Overview of Current Aquariums

I often get asked what tanks the wife and I have at home and what specimens are  stocked. As I never before recorded all of them this will be an initial attempt and then after this focus will be on changes to these tanks… Maybe once a year I will give a complete update of all tanks again. I estimate that there are at least 80+ corals in my care today (not counting polyps but physically distinct frags).

Filled Tanks

110 Gal Display Tank

This is the main coral housing tank having the majority of specimens, at last count there was over 45 unique corals. The fish selection is greatly reduced compared to many peoples tanks with a total of 14 fish. The photo above shows a set of clownfish that were removed from the tank in 2017, additionally the rockwork layout seen changed  as well; this photo is of the old work before it changed in August. Some coral is missing, be it removed or added or other…

  • Coral
    • Green Toadstool Leather – Sarcophyton
    • Toad Stool Leather – Sarcophyton or Lobophytum ? (needs to grow more)
    • Devils Finger Leather – Lobophytum
    • (2) Green & Red Flowerpot Corals – Goniopora
    • Ivory Alveopora
    • Neon Green Multi-Mouth Plate -Heliofungia ?? (Not a Fungia sp but something else.)
    • Golden Branching Torch – Euphyllia
    • Golden Branching Hammers – Euphyllia
    • Green and Bluedot Wall Frogs – Euphyllia
    • (6) Branching Frogspawn many colors – Euphyllia
    • (4) Trumpt Corals, Hard and Soft types – Caulastrea
    • (3) Cynarina Pink, Green, and Red colors – C. lacrymalis
    • Toxic Green Ruffed Coral – Merulina
    • (2) Duncan ORA & Aussie – Duncanopsammia
    • Golden Chalice
    • Purple and Red Eye Chalice
    • Green and Toxic Eye Chalice (maybe a Hollywod Stunner)
    • Purple and Pink Chalice
    • (2) Lobo
    • Orange Tubes – Tubastraea
    • (2) Green Star Polyps; Larger head variant; long polyp variant –
    • Meteor Shower Cyphastrea
    • (2) Purple Kenya Tree – Capnella sp.
    • ORA Stellar? – Stylophora
    • ORA Pink & Green Damicornis – Pocillopora damicornis
    • (6) Favatias & Favias any colors, from Red + Teal, to Green and Purple watermelons, to Abysis Gate red and green eyeds.
    • Yellow Pallys –  Palythoas
    • Red Plating – montipora
    • Toxic Green encrusting – montipora
    • Greed Edge Orange Body – psammocora
  • Fish

    • Yellow Eyed Khole Tang  -Ctenochaetus strigosus
    • FoxFace Spot – Siganus unimaculatus
    • Golden Neon Cleaner Goby – Elacatinus figaro
    • Yellow-Belly Blue Tang – Paracanthurus hepatus var
    • 6x Blue-Green Chromis – Chromis viridis
    • 5x PJ Cardinals – Sphaeramia nematoptera
    • Red Firefish – Nemateleotris magnifica
    • Neon Dottyback – Pseudochromis aldabraensis
  • Inverts
    • 6x Nassarius snails
    • 12x Cerith Snails
    • 2+ Emerald Crabs
    • Strawberry Crab
    • 3x Feather Dusters
    • 2x Cleaner Shrimp
    • ?# x Micro Starfish
    • ?# x Bristle Micro Starfish
    • 2x fighting couchs
  • Equipment
    • 2x Radion Gen4 Pro 15W
    • 2x MaxSpect Gyres running custom program
    • 500 Watt Heater
    • Eshopps x-120 protein skimmer
    • (ATO) Innovate Marine Hydrofill Controller + Pump
    • Milwaukee PH Controller – Linked to ATO
    • Eshops Dosing Pumps (5 heads today)
    • HomeMade Sulfur Reaction (De-Nitrator)
    • 30 Gallon Refugium with Macro Algaes

40 Gal Display Tank

This tank is the latest work in progress dedicated to two Spotcinctus, soon to be accompanied with an anemone for them to host in. Originally these Spotcinctus clowns were located in the 110 Gallon and hosted on the Toadstool coral, but moved off it over time and began to host on the Goni’s so they were removed. It took removing over 100# of the 110 Display tank live rock to catch the male (you can see both of them in the 110 photo.)

  • Fish
    • (2) Pearl Eyed Spotcinctus – Amphiprion bicinctus

70 Gal Frag Tank & Graveyard

The Zoa collect was moved to here after a Nudibranch problem in the display tank. After enough time it appears both tanks are back to a clean state. This tank holds most of the overflow I have collected in corals housing 7 types today and over 30 frags.  This tank also acts as the frag graveyard, anything that has ever perished in my care is kept; reading shows that some corals may have left some type of spore/seed behind and if conditions become right they will return (will let you know if it happens ever.)

  • Corals
    • (9ish) Zoas – Many color combos, lost track of them all.
    • (15) Kenya Trees – These are all frags from the above that occurred naturally.
    • Pulsing Pom Pom – Xenia
    • 3x Mushrooms: hairy, lava, misc orange – Rhodactis
    • 2x Mushrooms: green spotted, blue spotted  –  Actinodiscus
    • 2x Devils Hand Leathers
    • Maze Brain – trying to save, cyno got the better of it 🙁
  • Fish
    • 5x Blue-Green Chromis
    • Black Snowflake Clownfish
    • Maroon Clownfish
  • Inverts
    • 4x Turbo Snails
    • 2-3x Cleaner Shrimp

90 Gal Basement TankThis tank sits pre-ready with enough salt that when topped back off with RO water matches closely the salinity of the 110 display tank and 70 frag tank. For now it remains unutilized by other projects and sits in wait as a disaster recovery mechanism.

Empty Tanks

20 Gal Quarantine Tank

Waiting to get resealed…

55 Long

Photos Soon

70 Deep

Photos Soon

120 Commercial Unit with refrigeration coil

Photos Soon

Coil no longer works but holds water, designed as an undergravel system.

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