Tank Maintenance and New Fish (Neon Dottyback)

Lots of tests today for all tanks; probably spent well over 4 hours performing water tests and other maintenance around the tanks today. Sent in water from the 110 for ICP analysis. Moved a Xenia frag from the 75 Frag tank into the 110 (some of it.) The PH issues have been solved in the 110, the key was more aeration of the water. When Testing the water both inside and outside after 1 hour of aeration samples from the tank which started at 7.4 PH increased to 8.2 PH (outdoor air), and 8.0 PH (indoor air.) I have been piping in outdoor air now and PH remains stable between 7.9 (night) and 8.1 (peak day.) Added 1ml of iron dosing split into 2 cycles to the autodoser. Been playing with flow in the tank, a few of the corals that used to open up alot have not been opening or remain shriveled. Others are booming, so its hit and miss, with any luck the ICP analysis will show some things.

Also bought a Neon Dottyback, really wishing I had done more research right now as they appear to be very aggressive. While LiveAquaria says that Gobies and Dottybacks can get along I am very worried for my Neon Gold Cleaner who I have had for a long time. While the Dottyback is very pretty I prefer to keep the Neon Cleaner as he and the tangs have been pals for a very long time. I am hoping that because it is a cleaner Goby the Dottyback will respect that and leave it aloneā€¦

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