ICP Water Results and Fish Removal

Having gotten the results back for the water in the main display tank a few dosing issues were identified between strontium and iodide (both  2-3x NSW levels.) Overall the amount of toxins built up is less than expected but an unknown silicon sources appears to have entered the tank.

Additionally the Neon Dottyback that was recently added has been trapped and removed. It was found to be overly aggressive to the Neon Cleaner Goby that regularly cleans the tangs in the tank.  I highly recommend that if you plan on removing fish from your tank that are small in size you utilize a fishtrap. In-order to get the fish into the trap typically involves leaving it in the tank for a 24 hour period and then not feeding for a day. Then on the day you will attempt trapping feed inside the trap itself. I have had fish almost the size of the full trap willing to enter it, by no means do I recommend trapping large fish as they can injury themselves when they realize what has occurred by violently thrashing.


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